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Roboctopus - Can’t Have the Fish if you Ain’t Got the Jelly 

Have to give a shout-out to my dude Roboctopus. This is the best chiptune song I’ve heard so far this year. Absolutely ridiculous.

Here’s the ListenOnRepeat link because you’ll probably need it.

Roboctopus: Bandcamp || Twitter

This makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. Best of luck to yeahapparently. You’re a super genuine and inspiring dude.

➜ New, intimidatingly large project coming.

Oops I started another company.

Some hype posters for an unannounced project. 

➜ In Tangier the Parade Bar is closed....


After some incredible achievements over the last year and a half, I am announcing my departure from Rev3 Games and Discovery Digital Networks. Sixteen years in front of the camera covering the videogame industry has brought me to a point where I am ready and desiring to explore new…

Man do I respect this guy. He’s absolutely earned the time away from games. Best of luck, Adam.

➜ My First Year of Coding



One year ago today I sat down and started a project that has changed my life. That sounds totally corny but it’s true. April 1st of last year was day one of my 180 websites in 180 days project and I was super nervous. I had no idea how to code. My computer broke and I was using a borrowed…

Awesome awesome awesome.

➜ How Facebook acquired our telecom reselling company for $41.14 million


I’m proud to announce my new job as Presentation Manager at Facebook! Here’s a blog post about how it all went down.

Aisles by Most Noble 9

If you’re feeling really generous, I’d love if you all could take a listen to my new chiptune song.


Logo concept for something I’m working on.


Logo concept for something I’m working on.